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Lab Tests

When or if necessary, I may also recommend and provide functional lab tests such as blood, urine, stool and genetic analysis to help us get to the root cause of your health challenges. 

Medical testing has evolved rapidly in the last few years and there are many tests commonly used by naturopaths, nutritionists and functional health practitioners which may not be available on the NHS. Through these functional  tests, we can often shorten the consultation and treatment process, by getting very specific information that can help to answer the questions above and more, and therefore give very targeted treatment, achieving more rapid results.

We may look at food intolerances and/or allergies, levels of various hormones, nutrients or toxins including heavy metals, molds, fungal or parasitic infections and many other factors. I'm registered and work with reputable laboratories such as Regenerus Labs and Genova Diagnostics.

Most of the tests are available to be sent to your home with a home test kit to return by post in prepaid packaging to the lab - for example with saliva, urine, or finger prick blood samples. The costs are charged by separate providers and are additional to the consult fee. Some tests do require a visit to a phlebotomist.

The following list is not exhaustive but listed here are some of the most common tests I use in practice:

Comprehensive Stool Profile Provides valuable insight into digestive function, leaky gut, intestinal inflammation, parasites and the intestinal microbiome £210 to £380, depending on options.


SIBO test (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) A part of an upper fermenting gut, this is a key factor in many health issues. Breath testing is a unique way of determining if you have too many bacteria growing in your small intestine £200.

Comprehensive Food Intolerance test - this measures antibodies to common foods and beverages - different options from £200 - £250 depending on the amount of foods tested.

Homocysteine test This test is emerging as being more predictive than cholesterol testing in assessing heart disease and stroke risk. If methylation (a key metabolic process in the body) is blocked or impaired, homocysteine builds up. As well as being a marker for cardiovascular issues, it can also be indicative of issues with gut health, brain health and B vitamin status. £68.

Thyroid hormone panel It is important to assess the levels of multiple thyroid hormones in order to get a clear picture of the mechanisms of any imbalance in this system. £89.

Adrenal stress profile Measures cortisol levels at intervals throughout the day to determine if the adrenals are out of balance and to what extent. £120.

Status of various vitamins, minerals and toxins in the body Various tests available.


Various genetic tests We can check inherent susceptibilities in various systems such as:

Nervous system


Methylation - a biochemical pathway important for detoxification, mood, cardiovascular health, and energy production.

Organic Acids Test Very useful for determining for a range of metabolic markers - including neurotransmitter balance, yeast overgrowth, toxic mold exposure, status of various vitamins and more £300.

Hormone panels Assist in determining the causes of hormone abnormalities in men and women and may be relevant for cases of PMS, menopause, PCOS, weight gain, fatigue, reduced libido, sleep problems, and mood disorders. Various tests available.

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